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Look for Jan's Rapping Polka, to be released soon!

On Left: Rob Van Winkle a.k.a. ‘Vanilla Ice' meets with Jan ‘Lewan' Lewandowski.
Jan is developing a polka-rap fusion that has the music industry fascinated. No stranger to rap fusion, Vanilla Ice has recently been involved with Jedward's blend
of ‘Under Pressure (Ice Ice Baby), in which went to Number 1 hit in 2 Days.
on April 14, 2010
Jan Lewan helps to welcome Spring with the "Red Hat Society" in Sheatown, Pa.
Musicians include:
(from left to right) Jan Lewandowski,
"Banjo" Allen, Steve Saive, and
Pete Truszkowski.

Spring with the "Red Hat Society"
Jan Lewan and musicians welcome the arrival of Spring with the "Red Hat Society" in Sheatown, Pa. A great time was had by everyone in attendance. Organizer, Alma Berlot, (pictured third from the left), presented each musician with an Easter treat...
their instruments made of chocolate.

Look for the King of Polka to play with his Orchestra on October 24, 2010.
We will have more details for you soon!

“Lewan’s Back”

Better Than Ever!!!!!

By Michael Mayewski

“Ole, Ole, Ole,”…..what a magnificent day!!!! Jan Lewan made his comeback performance at the Garden State Arts Center for the annual Polish Heritage Festival and without a doubt he was livelier and more energetic than ever before. We anxiously waited for Jan’s first appearance in over six years and were extremely overwhelmed. We did not know what to expect but Jan took the stage looking rested, tanned, and ready to entertain! It was obvious that he had been exercising with his slim figure ….he is in top-notch shape!!!. My wife stated that he looked six years younger!!!!…Dressed in a strikingly brilliant white suit and red silk shirt and tie, Lewan burst onto the stage with the enthusiasm of a kid on his first trip to a candy store and soon had the audience singing and dancing in their seats.

“Class, Sophistication, and Charisma” are the three words that come to my mind when I think of Jan’s comeback performance. It was a great day for me and the wonderful crowd that attended the festival….nearly 6000 people for the one day event and the plaza where Jan was performing drew a hefty crowd. Truly a dazzling performance with charm, presence and personality….time has certainly not diminished his voice! Like fine wine, Lewan has improved with age. The fans showed their appreciation for his music by lining up to purchase his recordings, having their pictures taken with him and asking for autographs.

Jan expressed his sincere thanks and appreciation to Richie and Ann Wisnieski for their faith and confidence in him and for providing him the opportunity to make his comeback performance at the Polish Heritage Festival. Overall Festival Chairman Peter Eagler was thrilled with Jan’s performance and was happy that Jan was able to perform at the festival.

Prior to his performance, Jan was uncertain as to how the audience would receive him due to the publicity surrounding his incarceration, however, he assured us that the truth would come out in his tell all book, “Two Suitcases Full of Dreams” soon to be published. Jan spent the past five years putting this book together detailing the trials and tribulations that he has experienced throughout the years. He also acquired a new singing style…”RAP”…and he plans to incorporate it in his upcoming CD. We are thrilled to have him back and are looking forward to many, many, more performances…and hopefully a Poland Tour!!!...He is the best…we’re still singing… “Ole, Ole, Ole”….it was truly a magnificent day!!!!

If you will like to engage Jan Lewandowski or Jan with his orchestra just write to:

Jan Lewandowski
P. O. BOX 2411
Hazleton PA 18201


Jan is Released!

Daniel, Jan's son, & Jan

Jan leaving Half-way House

Amber, Jan's daughter, & Jan

From Jan - April 2009:

Dear Family and Friends,

Now when I'm facing a new life in society, I would like you to know how sorry I am for all of this disappointment that I created. I know that what I have created has made everyone's life more difficult and for that I an more sorry then you could imagine at this point in my life. I have made a mistake and for that wrong doing I am sincerely sorry and I ask for your forgiveness.

Now when I start my life from ground zero so to speak, I will use hope to take care of problems as opportunities because where there is life, there is hope. I will never lose  hope, I will look to the future through the eyes of faith, for we never know when our circumstances will turn around in our favor. I know that one day this whole situation will change, and I will be taken in a wonderful new direction.

If I hit a stumbling block, I will continue to proceed, getting back up and trying again.

Maybe I was unfairly treated for the things that happened to me in prison by regardless of what will come my way in life, I will remain faithful and develop my mindset that looks for the best. I have a vision of victory, my problems will have no lasting hold. I know that there is always hope. At times I may not feel as though I am able, but there is nothing in life that GOD & I can not overcome together. He is bigger than any problem that we may face and you my friends will be a part of my success.

Now, when my debt to society is paid and I will start to pick up all the broken pieces to form a new mosaic, and to put together my family. I will be an excellent example of turning a negative into a positive. There is always hope.

Please look to my upcoming book called "Two Suitcases Full of Dreams", a tragic story of an American Dream.

I learned through my time in the penal system the beauty of "rapping", so I'm coming out with a new recording of what I like to call "Rapping Polka's".

God Bless You All!


My Dearest Friends,
Before we go any further, I need to share the most importance, and most beautiful things that happened to me, being in prison.

Even though that my Christian life was as it should be, yet my inward life as a Christian was neglected. But when I came to prison, my life as a Christian is a daily life, not weekly, monthly or now and then. Yet daily prayers, daily seeking God, and daily reading his word.

When the day comes, when God addressed my need to turn, that day I found myself wearing hand cuffs, being driven to prison in a police car. The darkness that is found at the beginning of this path is, to a large degree, indescribable. When I stepped in and the door closed behind me, I was alone or so I thought.

What I didn't perceive at first, but later became acutely aware of, was the presence of the spirit of death.

When I came to prison, everything I had was taken away from me! somehow I knew that I needed to give myself completely to God's word and seeking him in prayers. As my prison time proceeded I was constantly faced with questions of what the word of God meant to me, and my relationship with him. On my face were tears, I confessed my love to him, God has brought me along this path for years. More than ever, my heart yearns for God, and for him to continue to work within me so that I may have more to give others.

I have learned that the greatest cry of victory ever made was heard in far away places, in the midst of many tears. It was made by Jesus Christ, the son of God. Everyday I walk with him in fellowship having peace of heart, that things are right. He has given me a deep abiding joy that circumstances can't touch. Each belongs to him and is redeemed by doing what I am able to do.
And so it will be whenever he calls me to weather I stay or leave, I am thankful.

Thank you for being my Friend!
God Bless You'

From Jan Lewan-Lewandowski

As many of you know, I just served an five year prison sentence for selling unregistered securities. On April 18, 2001 in Smyrna, Delaware Correctional Center I was assigned to
a cell with an inmate who hit an officer in the head with a mop handle in 1992 and burned part of a jail in 1995. For some reason, they put me in this violent inmate's cell, who is serving a life sentence. I guess to see if he can make it in the cell with another inmate. Since he wanted to be alone in his cell, during the night he attacked me when I was sleeping. This inmate attack me and cut my neck with a razor blade and several times on my back, as I was running to the door. I am very lucky to be alive today!

On December 7th the State of Delaware of Justice sent me information that he pled guilty to the charges of assault in the first degree. Then I was transferred to a different institution for protection. He received an additional 25 year sentence for that assault on me.

Many Inmates experience loss of control, boredom, distrust of others, loneliness and humiliation. Prison is a little death sentence, everything is decided for you, control is totally in the hands of others, but at the same time, this total powerlessness can be redemptive, much like powerlessness of Christ on the Cross was.

However, I want to insure to everyone that I will never give up. I will do my best to work out any problems and as the famous German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche said, "Those that try to kill me only make me stronger."

I want to say Thank You for all the letters of support and understanding that I've been receiving from my friends through these years of being in prison.

Special thank you to Jo and John Koterba - My Friends! I will surprise everyone.
I will be excellent example of turning a negative into a positive. It would show so many people that my productive energy and creativity cannot be stopped. 

Even through I was hurt in prison, I will do everything possible to put my health back in good shape. I exercise everyday. I sing and play piano. I'm working on a new CD including "Rappin' Polka." and a song from Amber, which she will sing, "Write a Prayer".

With my friend John Koterba, we will work on our new DVD, "Life of Jan Lewan-Dowski".

I do have a great story to tell so look for my new book titled,
"Two Suitcases Full of Dreams: The Life Story of Jan Lewan/Lewandowski"
A Tragic Story Of The American Dream.

If you are interested in this book, please eMail us and we will keep you updated as to its' publish date.

Amber Lee Lewandowski
wrote a song for her Father
"Write a Prayer"

By Amber Lee Lewandowski and Music by Rafal Lewandowski

When I saw you walk out the door
I realized you weren't comin' back
I always thought you'd be there for me
In my heart that was a fact
Daddy - where did you go? Why did you leave?
These are the questions I've had
Mommy's sayin' things that I regret
Things that make me sad

(Chorus - twice)
My situation right now is really hard
All I do is cry
I always knew you as a loving father
So why oh Daddy why?
Do I have to deal with all these feelings
That are trapped within my heart?
Look at me Daddy I'm on my knees
Asking for a brand new start

At the table with paper and pen
My heart is such a mess
I'm writing my prayer right to GOD
and yes, I know his address
I know that GOD will make things right
In my heart I know it's so
He will fix my heart and make me smile
and my Daddy will stay and never go
but all I can do is write a prayer,
but all I can do is write a prayer.

Amber Lee Lewandowski

Well known Pianist & cousin to Amber, Rafal Lewandowski composed the Melody to her song "Write a Prayer"


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